Types of Cake

Cakes have a long history. The earliest cakes were bread-like and sweetened with honey. The ancient Egyptians are credited with developing advanced baking skills. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the word “cake” is derived from the Old Norse word kaka. Medieval European bakers created gingerbread and fruitcakes.

Angel food cake 케이크 주문 제작

Angel food cake is a type of sponge cake that is made with egg whites instead of butter and flour. The whipped egg whites give the cake its airy texture. This cake is a favorite of many people. Although it is not as rich as other sponge cakes, it can be a healthy and delicious dessert for any occasion.

Angel food cake tastes best the day it is made, but it will keep up to 2 days at room temperature. Once it has cooled down, it is easy to store in an airtight container. It is important to purchase an angel food cake pan in order to make this cake, as it is typically about 16 cups.

Butter cake

Butter cake is an enduring classic baked from the basics. Using butter as the main ingredient, butter cake is baked with flour, sugar, eggs, and leavening agents. It is regarded as a quintessential American cake. It is a favorite among bakers and is a popular treat for celebrations and special occasions.

For a perfectly moist cake, use real butter and not margarine. Margarine will alter the texture of the cake and can make it too salty. You can also use parchment paper to press down the sticky batter.

Pound cake

The traditional method of creaming the butter and sugar gives pound cake its fluffy texture, light and buttery flavor, and tender crumb. The butter should be soft but not too warm, so that it creams easily and produces a tender and light cake. Pound cake also benefits from unsalted butter, which will ensure that it does not turn out too salty.

To bake a pound cake, set your oven to 350 degrees F. Then line a 9 x 5 x 3-inch loaf pan with parchment paper. Bake the cake for approximately an hour and fifteen minutes, or until it reaches a golden brown color. You can also freeze the pound cake for up to two months.

Carrot cake

Carrot cake is a traditional dessert that contains carrots as the main ingredient. Its modern versions often have a white cream cheese frosting and may contain additional nuts or spices. Traditionally, the batter contains only carrots, but you can also add other ingredients to add flavor and texture. The frosting can be made with a variety of flavors, such as cinnamon, ginger, or even chocolate.

To make the cake, begin by grating the carrots. About 3 cups of finely grated carrots weigh about 3/4 pound. A small box grater is a great tool for grating carrots. Grated carrots can be mixed into the batter and added to the cake frosting.

Earthquake cake

This earth-shaking dessert features layers of coconut, pecans, and chocolate chips, with a sweet cream cheese filling in the middle. The recipe is easy to prepare and only requires a few ingredients. First, coat a 9×13-inch baking pan with cooking spray. Then, spread the coconut over the bottom of the pan. Next, spread the chocolate chips and pecans over the coconut layer. Finally, mix the cake mix, eggs, and water. Bake the cake for 45 to 50 minutes.

The cake recipe can be made with various cake mixes. German chocolate, devil’s food, and classic chocolate cake mixes all work well. You can also substitute a different flavor, such as pumpkin or vanilla. In addition, white chocolate chips can be a great addition to the cake. When serving, you can top the cake with whipped cream.