Tips For a Safe House Move

If you are preparing for a move, it is essential to follow several tips. These include planning ahead and hiding vulnerable objects. Taking necessary precautions can ensure a safe house move. If you are moving during a coronavirus pandemic, you should contact a moving company with a pandemic safety policy. It is the only way to ensure high level of safety.

Protect wooden furniture

When moving, it’s important to protect wooden furniture. You can cover them with moving blankets or furniture pads to avoid scratches and damage. Avoid covering them with plastic wrap because it can trap moisture and cause swelling. If possible, use packing paper or cardboard instead. Protective coverings will also keep wood furniture from being 포장 이사 exposed to light, moisture, and dust. Avoid placing the furniture on the floor as it can be prone to flooding.

Whenever possible, disassemble any glass pieces from your furniture. This will save storage space and weight. Ensure that you have a manual for each piece before dismantling. You can also purchase dismantling bags that will contain the hardware needed to disassemble the furniture. This way, you won’t lose any screws or nails and won’t need to worry about losing the pieces of hardware.

When transporting wooden furniture, it is important to take special care of its legs. If they stick out from the furniture, they might bump into other objects. To prevent this, make sure to put padding on all corners of the wooden furniture. You can also tie down large pieces to the truck bed. You can also use a moving blanket to protect your furniture during transport.

Hiding places

Many homeowners have hidden places in their homes to hide their valuables. These hiding places can be anything from a safe to hidden compartments in walls. It’s also a good idea to conceal valuable items in unusual places that burglars won’t think to look in. For example, a safe can be hidden beneath a dresser drawer or behind hanging clothes in a closet. Other ideas for hiding things include hidden compartments in toilet tanks, fish tanks, and boxes in the pantry.

Some hiding places are easy to find, but some are harder to hide than others. A birdhouse can make a good hiding spot for a spare key. It can also be screened off to keep tenants out. Depending on your situation, you might want to hide the key in a place you’d rather keep it out of sight.

Another good hiding place is beneath a staircase. This is a more complicated DIY project, but the result is a safe that will not be readily visible to burglars. An additional benefit of this method is that you can hide the safe behind a wall-mounted appliance, such as a vacuum cleaner or a telephone. You can also disguise a small safe in a plant pot with fake plants or a false bottom.

Avoid social distancing

The government has provided guidance on how to avoid social distancing when moving house. Among the guidelines are the following: home inspections should only be carried out by an authorised person, and only one person should be present at a given time. Surveyors should also follow the guidelines about social distancing, and homeowners should limit contact with surveyors.

Moving companies are also recommended to take appropriate precautions for COVID-19. Some companies may not refund deposits for long-distance moving, so be sure to research the policy before signing a contract. Moreover, it is essential to make sure that long-distance moving 이사 비용 companies take all necessary safety measures. The risk of COVID-19 spreading during long-distance moves is even higher at airports and terminals. In addition, social distancing on crowded transportation is extremely difficult.

To prevent the spread of COVID-19 and other infectious diseases, it is recommended to avoid unnecessary contact with people before and after the move. It is also important to ensure that you pack all the necessary items yourself and that you speak to removal firms ahead of time. You can also talk to the estate agent or landlord of the house before moving in to minimize the risk of spreading the disease to others.